Lady Shaula Salathe ~ Harpist/Vocals/Pianist

With her Irish accent and beautiful Celtic Harp, Lady Shaula Salathe presents a completely Gaelic picture as she plays songs both ancient and modern.

Lady Shaula's ethereal voice and rippling harp will delight and entrance you and your guests.

A stunning singer and classical harpist, Lady Shaula's style is chatty, sophisticated and very romantic.

This warmth has led her to international tours and roles in musical theatre shows touring throughout Australia and parts of Asia.

One of Melbourne's finest musicians with a haunting and beautiful soprano voice - the inimitable Lady Shaula Salathe.

Lady Shaula has toured England, Scotland, Italy, Tokyo and around Australia at international hotels including Hilton, Sofitel, Windsor, Meridian, Regent, and The Crown Casino as a singer and pianist and has performed many times on television.